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Details The-Philosophy-of-the-Beats-The-Philosophy-of-Popular-Culture

Originating from underworld slang-the domain of hustlers, drug addicts, and petty thieves-the term "Beat" was short for "beaten down" or downtrodden. To writer Jack Kerouac it symbolized being at the bottom of society's hierarchy and looking up ...

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Details One-Day-The-End-Short-Very-Short-Shorter-Than-Ever-Stories

One Day, the End.: Short, Very Short, Shorter-Than-Ever Stories

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Details Sudden-Fiction-International-60-Short-Short-Stories-Sixty-Short-short-Stories

Following the recent popular success of Sudden Fiction, this volume enters new realms to gather more than fifty of the best and most compelling short stories--each complete and no more than five pages--from all over the world.

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Details Nutrition-A-Very-Short-Introduction-Very-Short-Introductions

[{ Nutrition: A Very Short Introduction (New) (Very Short Introductions) By Bender, David ( Author ) Sep - 01- 2014 ( Paperback ) } ]